February 09, 2010

Tote Tuesday!

Tis time! as Virginia says: warm up your credit cards! The second Tote Tuesday is here, and this time my tote is up for grabs. Well, technically no tote, Virginia is providing the tote, I'm providing the contents. She's got all the info right here. And I'm just going to tease you with a few close ups of the luscious goodies that I have gathered to go into this tote. We've got dryer sheets ready to be painted, dyed or printed upon by you, and painted by me. We've got colorful plastics from my personal stash. We've got papers, tickets stubs and candy wrappers from last summer's trip to Russia. We've got color catcher sheets, naturally dyed. And of course we've got my DVD and a small art quilt made specifically for the DVD workshop and featured on the cover.
So, hop on over to Virginia's website and see all the totes she's got there and do your part to contribute to a worthy cause!


Gerrie said...

If I buy this, do you come to my house and help me use all this yummy stuff? LOL

Lynn Cohen said...

Very generous of you.