September 14, 2010

the doll museum

This summer my girls and I made our annual pilgrimage to the St. Petersburg Doll Museum. It is always such a delightful place to visit, they always have new dolls and puppets on exhibit and we always manage to find something new in the exhibit we have already seen. And it helps that they have a lovely shop to entice children with... Enjoy the pictures from this summer's trip!


Terry Grant said...

What wonderful photos! I would love this place. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Lynn Cohen said...

What a wonderful array of magnificent dolls. I love dolls. The old lady at the end shot is terrific. Love her eyes!!!!!!!!! Thanks for taking us with you.

Kristin L said...

These are awesome. I especially like the last one. You have to check out Tami's recent posts about art dolls too: