May 24, 2011

Create Retreat in Costa Mesa California

Was so much fun! I just wish I was better at taking pictures during class.... I remembered at the last minute to take a few photos in my Hand Stitched Jewels class and that is what I will share with you here.. I had several beginners and several experienced stitchers in the class and it was wonderful to work with a student at every level (one student confided that she only learned to thread a needle a few weeks ago! she made great strides!)
The Mix Your Media with Photoshop class was busy busy busy! The students loved discovering what they can do on the computer screen and then seeing it in real life printed in the afternoon. Sorry not a picture....we were all too busy! 


Elizabeth said...

It is always hard when you are engrossed in teaching, to remember to take some photos!! SOmeday i hope to be able to take a class with you!!!!

rossichka said...

The important thing is that you and your students are satisfied with the result! You were probably alert all the time to see, hear, understand, respond and take the best decision... Now maybe you need a little rest?:)