July 01, 2011

timely new work

St. Pete Window/Питерское Окно 25 (detail)
Just in the nick of time I finished and mailed off my annual contribution to the SAQA Auction. A worthy cause, a good organization helping artists like me to grow. The auction won't start until September 12th, so that gives everyone plenty of time to browse the selections and pick their favorites.
St. Pete Window/Питерское Окно 25 (12"x12")
With this piece I continued my current favorite stitching technique of gathering and pulling fabrics into peaks and valleys. This started with a Photoshop® manipulated photograph that I took this past summer in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was printed on silk organza, layered with remnants of my grandmothers' lace curtains, free-hand machine sketched with rayon thread, and then intensively hand stitched. I added a border of navy cotton and stitched some more.


sukipoet said...

just beautiful. i love it that a piece of your grandmother's lace is in there. the stitches are amazing.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely reverent work ! Wonderful new technique!

rossichka said...

What an intensive work and long process to create this tender piece of art! I'm respected!:)