October 07, 2011

tarting things up

While I was cleaning my studio the other day I happened upon a collection of some of my older tiny framed windows artworks. I don't know what came over me, maybe it was the cleaning that did it.... But I felt the urge to add bling to these little pieces and make them into jewels. I wanted to doodle on them like I frequently to in my journals or on ATC's. So I dropped the cleaning and got right to the glitter. These are some details of the first piece, where I tarted up the frame. It's going to someone special today and I am going to keep adding bling to the others. Why not! A good interlude before starting another serious piece, right?


Kristin L said...

Fun! Every girl needs some glitter.

sparklehair said...

cleaning or glitzing? bling will win everytime. Just lovely Natalya.