November 14, 2011

a little experiment

Someone please remind me to not start any experiments containing vinegar at 9:30PM on a Sunday night, please? Don't know what possessed me. Well actually I do. India Flint. It's her fault. I got her book Eco-Colour a few months ago. Read and fantasized. Read some more. And then put it aside and got busy with other things. 
You see natural dyeing has been on my mind for at least two decades. Back in my fashion days when a friend and I fooled around with the idea of opening an eco-consious fashion company. And later when I started art quilting seriously. I have researched buying naturally dyed fabrics. I have bought books on the subject of dyeing with natural material, on growing dye plants. I even built a planting bed outside my studio planning to put dye plants in it (it's filled with hostas). Aside from all that I have done nothing about plant dyeing, but resolved to use recycled and vintage material for my art. Then India Flint goes and writes a book. 
Last night I finally got to reading a really cool eMag that I down loaded a month ago, Colorways. And there it was, a small article on a some basic techniques by India. I looked at the ingredients list: vinegar, spray bottle, plant matter and fabric. Why I have all those things right here! The kids are in bed, the husband is at work, why not conduct a late night science experiment, right? So I did.  Orchids from a bouquet past its prime. Onion skins from the onion basket. Blank silk chiffon scarves from a shopping spree a Dharma. I followed directions and created two little surprise packages to open in a month.
Now, will someone please remind me to do so? Thanks!


Unknown said...

I'm sure that your fabric will be lovely. I have had India's book for a while now, but I never seem to have the time to play with her techniques. I will have to get started before there is no more plant life alive outside.

Vivien Zepf said...

I'll remind you because I can't wait to see how this turns out!

Kristin L said...

Thank goodness for Vivien, because I know I'll forget to remind you, but I really want to see how it works out. :-)