December 31, 2011

an artful review

The last day of the year calls for a year in review, right? Of course! Time for an artful review. I have done these every year with my journal quilts or journal sketches, but there are none of those this year (boy do I feel liberated!), so instead a collage of art created this year.

Only eleven pieces this year as opposed to last years seventeen, and well short of my goal of thirty. Am I disappointed? Not at all! Who was I kidding with that number? Only myself.... My most important goal this year was reaching a balance between art and life. So I think the lower number of art corresponds to that goal, and I also think that the quality of my art is stronger this year. I'll continue to work towards the goal of balance between art and life in 2012. My other important word for 2012 shall be 'passion'. Passion for everything I do.

How about you? What will be your word of 2012? What will be your passion?


Cate Rose said...

All wonderful pieces, Natalya! Think of less as being more. I like the idea of doing less because, as you alluded, your life has a higher quality in the end. Everything you do is inspiring.

Re: word for 2012 -- I'm done with that exercise! I'd rather just make the most of every day, come what may.

Happy New Year to you! Hugs.

Elizabeth said...

My word for 2012 is focus- I need to focus in on the things that I really want and need to accomplish and not get side tracked by little diversions.
I love the work that you accomplished this year and I agree that it is much stronger and detailed.

Happy new Year to you and yours!!!

Kristin L said...

No word or goal yet for me. I'm not sure right now what is or should be important. But, you are sooooooo right about quality being better than quantity and I think it's obvious that you had a vision this year which is realized beautifully in your work. Here's to a passionate and creative 2012!!

Jeannie said...

As everyone has said, quality of life and art out weighs an arbitrary goal. Your artwork is so beautiful and I would be dancing in the street to create art like you do.

sukipoet said...

thank you for the art show. all so beautiful. passion, a wonderful word to focus on for sure. Have a life full 2012.