May 06, 2012


This weekend we all got to see our totems hanging up as they were meant to be. In a spacious classroom at the Northern Star Quilt Guild exhibit. I really enjoyed how the totems spoke to the trees outside the window, I thought that was a nice unexpected bonus.
here's mine playing well with others and communing with trees
other side
full length!
Take a look at more pictures on our blog.


sukipoet said...

these are gorgeous. i esp like so many hanging together.

Gerrie said...

OOOOOOOH! How I love these. Need to make one.

rossichka said...

Lovely totems! I like yours - so tender and elegant. I hve the feeling someone will show his face at the window!:)

Kristin L said...

I didn't realize from your earlier pictures how sheer yours is. Although I should not be surprised! I love how it changes colors in the various lights.

Vivien Zepf said...

So glad to see the pics since I didn't get to see the exhibit. Thanks! It looks great.