June 25, 2012

mixing your media

We are so lucky as artists these days. There is an unbelievable amount of tools available for our tool box. We can literally mix our media in a gazillion different ways.
One of my favorite tools in my mixed media tool box is Photoshop. Even though I have been using it for years, I still keep discovering new tricks, new ways of achieving effects, new ways of layering and sometimes just new ways of working with old tools.
Come join me at the Create Retreat in New Jersey on July 18th and I will share with you my tricks of the trade. Bring your laptop and learn the basics in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. There is no need to be afraid, it's all very intuitive. Oh and don't forget to bring some fabric! I'll be bringing my printer and you will walk away with your Photoshop experiment printed on your fabric. It will be your proof that you can indeed do it and create your art with the help of Photoshop.


Lynn Cohen said...

Your classes sound so very inviting.

Christine Staver said...

I will be taking both of your classes on the 18th. I am really looking forward to it.