October 18, 2012

breast pockets

My friend Melly Testa had put out the call and tons of people answered. She is seeking  a physical representation of the women that we know, who made the decision not to reconstruct their bodies after breast cancer by way of making breast pockets. Melly was the only person I knew until it occurred to me ask about my maternal grandmother who fought breast cancer in the 60's in the USSR. And now I just learned another family history detail.

These pockets with Pushkin's poems are for my grandmother Elizaveta

These pockets with wrought iron lace details are for Melly and her iron will
The pockets are constructed of rust dyed and painted muslin, thermofax screened with Lumiere paints.


Kristin L said...

Love your pockets and your imagery.

Jeannie said...

Natalya, I love the imagery. Your pockets speak so well of Melly, beautiful.

Vivien Zepf said...

Love these.

Karen L R said...