October 02, 2012

new work!

I am happy to start off October by finishing a new piece. This one is part of the new series that I started with this piece which was just auctioned off last week. Cathedrals of St. Petersburg, Russia is the theme of the series. I have always loved those onion domes and now I am paying tribute to them.
one stitchy detai
another stitchy detail
more stitchy details
Annunciation Cathedral (Vasilievsky Island) ©2012 Natalya Aikens
Lot's of silk and wool scraps, painted dryer sheets for the sky, cotton and silk thread for all the stitchy details. Mounted on stretched canvas. 12"x12"x1/2". Will be up on my website in the very near future.


Vivien Zepf said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I think your hand stitching is marvelous.

rossichka said...

It seems to me so difficult to create such a piece! It's lovely! You are a master! I'm sure the whole series will have a success! I've been once in Petersburg - in the early 8O-ies, when its name was Leningrad. I have a lot of nice memories...

Gail Ellspermann said...

Beautiful work, Natalya! I love the detail in your work.

Paula Kovarik said...

I love how your thread work is deconstructing the domes at the same time as creating volume and texture. Lovely work with a deft eye towards architecture.

Sandy said...

well done Natalya. I see you are in QN for next year.
All the best.
Sandy in the UK