November 17, 2012


A whirlwind trip it was... to the suburbs of Chicago and back in one short week. Seemed so long in coming and so quick to be over! I had the pleasure of teaching at the North Suburban NeedleArts Guild this past week. I presented a lecture on my artist journey and taught a two day workshop that had everyone playing with Photoshop, printing and stitching...well.... we had to much fun playing in Photoshop that we hardly got to the stitching! This could easily have been a five day workshop! I barely remembered to take pictures till the very end, so involved we all were..

Here are a few shots of student work and me with my lovely host Cindy. Thank you NSNG!



Kristin L said...

Looks like fun!

Unknown said...

It was a fantastic workshop & we were thrilled to have you here and yes, 5 days would have been better! BUT, my son figured out what was wrong with my printer (when the power went out recently it reset the printer & turned off the networking) and I've started stitching away! Hopefully by the time Thanksgiving is over I will have something to post. Thanks for a great workshop & an inspiring lecture.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fabulous ! Do you have a schedule for that workshop in other areas of the country?