April 22, 2013

happy earth day!

In celebration of Earth Day today, I thought I'd post a new little piece I just completed yesterday. Appropriately for Earth Day I took the health of our planet into consideration and did a bit of recycling. This piece is constructed from recycled grocery store and newspaper plastic bags with machine stitching in rayon thread and hand stitching in silk thread.
Escape 6"x6"   Natalya Aikens©2013
Escape detail

Here are some interesting sights that talk about recycling and health of our planet:
some interesting numbers
some scary numbers
plastic facts
how to recycle plastic bags

How do you recycle in your home?


Vivien Zepf said...

Another great piece, Natalya!

Karen L R said...

After years of taking mountains of recycling to the recycling center in our town once a month or so, I now have a fun woven plastic carrier in the laundry room where we drop things. Whenever it's full, I pop it in the back of the car and drop by the recycling center while on my errands.

Back when our kids were still home, going to the recycling center was a regular chore...so that each child could see how much stuff could be kept out of the landfill, and to see other folks in town doing the same thing.

I've become more critical of packaging and will often make shopping choices based that. I use cloth produce bags to avoid the plastic ones at the store. And can someone please explain to me why folks put their bananas in produce bags? Didn't Mother Nature provide the perfect packaging?

OK I will stop ranting now. Love your art piece!

Kristin L said...

I do the standard curbside recycling, plus use cloth bags as much as possible, and compost my food scraps. But really, I just wanted to pop in and say how much I'm enjoying your plastic bag cities. They are beautiful, and exciting, and my heart sings with every one you share. Have I gushed enough yet? And I'm not just saying these things because you're my friend -- I really, really like where you are taking your art these days.