April 12, 2013


Yup it has finally sprung! And somehow, perhaps in anticipation of spring, the new piece that I finished just this morning is in those soft new spring colors. You know that softly colored pink and light green fog over the tree tops when they just start budding out? It makes me smile every time I see it. I can never properly capture it in a sketch or even a photograph, it's just a fleeting image that in another week will be gone and replaced with much stronger color and definition.

So in honor of spring, I bring you Spring. How could I call it anything else??
I built my city from recycled plastic shopping bags.

As in Glass Bridge, these plastic bags were adhered together with the help of matte medium and then outlined with rayon thread. This time my quilting was looser to merely suggest the multitude of windows on the skyscrapers.
I love seeing the city through tree branches
With my favorite variegated cotton thread by Valdani,  I hand stitched branches and bark.

Spring ©Natalya Aikens 2013

Enjoy the new season! Thanks for taking a look!


Martha C. Hall said...

OMG! Natalya, this one is amazing! I love how you capture the perspective. Beautiful contrast of viewing architecture through a nature element.

Kristin L said...

YOur trees are wonderful. I'm loving how you use those long, long stitches. The crane is a kind of a man made tree too -- a perfect bridge between the trees and the buildings, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a NY state of mind looking at these. Terrific series. I especially like the last one. Great perspective captured here.

Jeannie said...

Wow! Who knew plastic bags could be so beautiful! I love spring and you captured the tree limbs beautifully. I finally found a shop that sells Valdani threads on my last trip to Seattle. Oh my, I love how it glides through the cloth and the colors! I am saving my pennies for the next trip to the big city. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Paula Kovarik said...

DEEEEE light ful!
Can't wait to see your piece in QN. Hope we get a chance to catch up there.

Carmina said...

Wonderful ideas!