January 24, 2014

a little bit...

...of art. I had fun making this little piece for the SAQA trunk show. It was a nice respite from the larger pieces that I am working on now, in the same vein, yet a bit light-hearted.

I am really enjoying finding my groove in working with recycled plastic bags. Loving the layering which produces great color and sometimes makes me think of stained glass.

When I first started this piece I imagined it machine stitched only. But, when the machine stitching was finished it still lacked something. I knew it needed the hand stitching, just didn't know what the image should be. Then while flipping through my photos for an idea I saw some graffiti and it struck me that this piece needed a tag! Last thing I was going to do was figure out a tag for my name... but the tag this needed was obvious.
#tagged (detail)
#tagged (detail)
#tagged by Natalya Aikens© 2014


Lisa said...

Very cool. Is the background fabric that your printed or painted?

Martha C. Hall said...

I love this one, Natalya - very "you"! :-) The graffiti is a perfect finish.

Norma Schlager said...

Love it! How big is it?