February 28, 2014

radio silence?

That's what it feels like on this blog doesn't it? I know the wordless wednesdays are not enough to keep you interested. But really, I promise, there is art happening in my studio. Just that it gets overwhelmed and interrupted by family and other life obligations..
3D dottiness
Even though this year I took a sabbatical from the Russian school play, somehow I wound up stenciling letters and numbers onto capes for the Middle School play and sewing hooks onto tutus for the ballet school. How do these things happen to me??
I've been working on a myriad of art projects in the studio. There are two that I can share right now, both are not finished. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my Olympic French knotting? (tongue firmly in cheek) I have finished all the knots, the next stage is more felting, I think I'd like to felt some of those knots to get the effect that I am after. It's about experimenting here!
the not French knotted area
French knotted wall
The next piece is also all about experimenting. An opportunity came up to do a 3D piece for an exhibit and who am I to say no? I am very excited by a chance to try something new and the theme is right up my alley too: Architectural Elements! I wanted to see if I could combine nature (twigs and wood) with a feel of the city. I manipulated my photographs in Photoshop and printed them on silk organza. Then I hand stitched the glass in the windows with a few fine threads to give an illusion of shimmer.
sheer and shimmer
And now I find myself wrapping the twigs in thread and unraveling the organza.
I might be going slightly mad as I am also weaving spider like webs... Not sure where this will take me. Perhaps Arachne is guiding me? Stay tuned!
weaving webs


Kristin L said...

When Arachne calls, one must answer! She's been speaking to me too, as I just finished weaving a fish trap out of plastic bags. We are so very much dancing in the same web right now. Speaking of dancing, when you said you were stenciling letters onto capes, you didn't mention that they were very fancy letters! No wonder you've been busy away from the blog.

artful embellishments said...

Oh my goodness! It was so amazing to see your finished piece in progress! Such wonderful work! Thanks for sharing. And how could I forget those beautiful french knots, Intriguing to look at them all together.