May 27, 2014

mixing your media

with Photoshop. That's one of the workshops I'll be teaching at the Create Retreat in New Jersey this July. So I thought I would share a few examples of my Photoshopped photographs which were all starting points for various artworks.
crumbling columns in St.Petersburg, Russia
Colonnade © Natalya Aikens
A bit of a transformation there..
a collage of NYC buildings
Escape © Natalya Aikens
An NYC collage becomes a background for a fire escape...
double vision
St. Pete Window 27 © Natalya Aikens
And lastly one of my most favorite ways to play with Photoshop. Take a photo, transform it in a myriad of ways, print it out on fabric, free-hand machine stitch it and then add intense hand stitching...

So come mix your media with Photoshop and with me in July!

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