September 22, 2014

rapturous moment

I've been hearing about this exhibit for a while from friends, I've followed the artist on Instagram and yet I barely made it to the Hudson River Museum to see it before it closed. The odds were against me the whole way, calendar too full... and yet I'm am so glad that at the last moment I was able to put something aside and make it there.

"Much of what I am after in my work is to capture a rapturous moment, when a river of our inner life spills out of us like blood or milk."~ Mandy Greer

Needless to say I was captivated, enthralled, amazed and inspired. Here are a few shots that don't do this fantastical installation justice:
gorgeous cream colored birds flowing out of an upside-down crochet volcano
from the top looking into the volcano
Looking through the blue crocheted waterfall that draped over a staircase
more fantastical birds (wonderfully made!) floating above a volcano representing blood
which spills out in a quilted compass...
there were many many birds throughout this exhibit, all breathtaking. this one looking into a fractured mirror
and this bird on a gilded branch...
From the museum press release: "The sewing machine and the crochet hook are her tools. Fabric and objects from the natural world her medium." This artist speaks my language...I may have to learn to crochet.....and perhaps we could collaborate, I'll contribute the recycled plastic artwork. Can you tell that I am inspired?


Unknown said...

Шикарные работы!!!

Sandy said...

Brilliant! Thanks for showing the photos. I can tell it is awesome.
Sandy in the UK

Unknown said...

Wow! What an installation! Crochet is easy to learn. Just go to UTube.

Karen L R said...

amazing creativity!
thanks for taking us along, natalya.