October 31, 2014

back on the farm

I have been dithering... Shall I do this? Shall I do that? Couldn't make up my mind for quite a while. I am talking about the progress on the latest home portrait commission that I have been working on. Which picture should I use? I printed out two versions and made tracings of both. I put ephemera out in different combinations and put it all away. And took it back out again.
playing with tracings of layouts
And then... it happened.
I decided on the witches window layout
I started in with the scissors, there was no stopping now
an actual collage at the top for the sky
seeing how it works with the tracing on top
That was it, I made a commitment and stitched my outlines in white silk thread.
a bit of the sky view
the front porch view
Now I have to decide how to hand stitch it... I think I'll let it rest over the weekend....
this is the picture I decided to use

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Carol said...

I love your photo choice (mostly for that slanting window!). Is that from Vermont?

BTW, enjoyed your lecture last night at QC VERY much!!