October 03, 2014


NYC Makers Biennial is at the MAD currently, and last week I got to see it with a few art friends (Vivien, Deidre and Benedicte). There was some outstanding work there, but overall I can say that I was a bit underwhelmed by it. A few details did catch my eye and I'll share them with you here.
shadows made by a urethane resin piece by Gaetano Pesce
the edge of the above piece
fab texture in a costume for The Knight of the Round Table from King Arthur's Camelot for the Cincinnati Ballet, made by Parsons-Meares Ltd, Sandra Woodall, designer
more texture from the above
fantastical feathers in a hat titled Blackbird by Harriet Rosebud
shadows made by fiberglass mannequins from Ralph Pucci
cement texture of Moonmilk by Chen Chen and Kai Williams
MAD is one of my favorite museums in NYC. And their permanent collection is fantastic, do check it out if you're in the neighborhood.

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