December 17, 2014

and the winner is....

Me! Thank you everyone for taking a look through my art and choosing your favorites! And thank you for the lovely birthday wishes too!
First I'd like to feature a few of your favorites, because they are my favorites too:
Dormition Cupola © Natalya Aikens
The City © Natalya Aikens
Walls Between Neighbors © Natalya Aikens
Sunset © Natalya Aikens
And the lucky recipient of my birthday gift is Anastaija! Thank you so much for your kind words to all of you! and thank you for playing, you have all made this a most lovely day....


Lisa said...

happy birthday Natalya! and congrats to the lucky winner!

Karen L R said...

I am a bit behind in my blog touring.

Walls between neighbors. Gorgeous.

But it is so hard to choose, because all your work is radiant and unique.


(congrats to A,)