December 08, 2014

cathedral in the sky

That's not what this cathedral is called, but that how I came to think of it as I worked on its portrait. I took the photo that I used as my guide against the bluest brightest of skies. You'd think that would make for a great picture. It does. Because not only is the sky blue, but the cathedral is blue too. With white trim and golden domes...

The cathedral that I'm referring to is St. Nicholas Cathedral in St. Petersburg Russia. Otherwise known as the Nikolsky Cathedral in Russian and also as the Sailor's Cathedral as it was the official cathedral of the naval regiments of the Russian navy who were stationed near. It also has a personal significance to me, my dad was baptized there. He was born in 1941 during the blockade of Leningrad and this cathedral was one of the few that functioned during that time.

Starting with some details, here's my portrait of Nikolsky Cathedral:
one golden dome
a golden edge
an entrance detail
another golden dome
Nikolsky Cathedral © Natalya Aikens 2014
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Vivien Zepf said...

Oh Natalya, it's gorgeous!

Lisa said...

wow! I just love the texture of the various threads/fiber!!!

Karen L R said...

Gorgeous, for sure. LOVE the knitted background!!!