January 22, 2015

playing dress up

Things have been crazy around these parts...No time to blog, just sewing sewing, sewing... and some gluing, cutting and painting too. The final push before Sunday's performance.

Here are a few Instagram shots that I have shared over the last several weeks as I have been working on the costumes for our Russian School play "Tsar Saltan". You can read about the design stage here.

I'll share photos of everything in full glory next week and then it's back to artwork! Wish me luck!


Lisa said...

You are very talented!

Sandy said...

these are all so wonderful. I know how hard it is to build headdress!
Sandy in the UK

rossichka said...

Everything will be O.K.! You'll finish with the sewing and gluing on time and the excitement and the applauses will be the only things you'll remember after the premiere!
Good luck!
I like the colours and the wings.:)

mandysea said...

oh wow! More wows! I am in awe here. Love to see this process! Truly an artist!