February 07, 2015

spruce street

A new beginning. For a new home portrait. I am honored to be working on this new commission which will attempt to preserve a memory of a childhood home...
as usual I am in love with the ephemera put into my possession
brocade and burlap make me happy
a page from a book and old photos
hand dyed linens? what a treat!
lovely daisies and sturdy upholstery fabric
and birch bark!! yes birch bark! I'm so excited to stitch it!
shall I use the image with the flagpole just like the old photo?
or the one with the lamp post?
what about the glorious red maple?
or the lovely rock wall in the garden?
I have many many decisions ahead of me. Right now I'm fondling the fabrics, petting the birch bark and staring at photos. Something will start jumping out at me soon. Stay tuned!


Vivien Zepf said...

This ephemera is fabulous! I can't wait to see what you create!

Karen L R said...


Giddings Art said...

Wonderful ephemera! I am always fascinated by your work.

Whynottryitagain: movies, quilts, making said...

Wow! Seeing all of those cool fabrics is inspiring, particularly the brocades and the overdyed doily-thingies. Makes me want to get mine out and put them to good use. Thank you for sharing.