July 19, 2016

I ❤️ NY

Recently I took the day off and went to NYC for a bit of inspiration and to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in a long time. It was a lovely day which ended with a wondrous thunderstorm and a great big traffic jam for the way home.

That traffic jam might have ruined the day for me... but! Have I mentioned that I love NYC? I do! So instead of grinding my teeth, I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture each time my car came to a complete stop. Believe me there were a gazillion complete stops.

So for your enjoyment here my favorite snap shots from that fab traffic jam. Next time you might see them reinterpreted in my art with lots and lots of hand stitching!


Gail Ellspermann said...

So much to see if we only slow down enough to enjoy it - your traffic jam resulted in some great photos!

Rayna said...

Love seeing these, Natalya. I always take tons of pictures when I am in the city. In fact, I was in Jersey City yesterday and got some good shots, as well. Haven't had time to blog but hope to get to it today. There is always so much inspiration around us!

Karen L R said...

such inspiration!