January 25, 2017

more costume extravaganza

There has been a request for close up photos of the costumes. Those are hard to come by... But here are some attempts and more photos anyway! If you click on the photos you can see them larger.
Spring and a few cold birds

Spring and birds dancing

Snow Maiden

Mardi Gras

the doomed love triangle

the poor fiddler is shy

the wise Tzar

a few ladies of the court


Norma Schlager said...

Beautiful! When I was in Russia a few years ago I bought a Christmas ornament that looks just like the Snow Maiden.

Sharon W. said...

I am finally getting around to saying "thank you" for the splendid close-up photos. NOW I am wondering: where do these splendid creations go when the lights dim? Is there a storehouse for all of them? Do individuals get to keep their costumes? Are they recycled year after year? They are precious but bulky, for sure!!!