November 07, 2007


It's amazing what can get accomplished when everyone falls back into the daily routine. I made quite a bit of progress on the blue colorway for the Sketched Fairytales Collection.

I fused the batting to the painted fabric and free-hand machine embroidered it for my sketchy look.
Then I cut it up into the appropriate pieces for the three different types of cuffs and bracelets. The simplest embroidered ones are the ones I call the round cuffs. I recycle cardboard rolls from masking tape and cover them with batting for super softness. The medium amount of embroidery goes on the cuffs, in this case it was all metallic thread. These will get beaded closures and edges. The most amount and the most delicate embroidery will be going on the bracelets, they are also the smallest. I just got the satin stitch pattern done on these, I'll go back in with metallic thread and they'll look pretty different soon.

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Anonymous said...

These look beautiful already! I can't wait to see them when they're done. Can you please keep taking pictures of the process? I have no clue how to make bracelets, tiaras, anything three dimensional. Thanks! Vivien