December 02, 2007

journal quilt

This weeks journal quilt is 48/52. I still feel the need to express my emotions about my friends death through my work, so for this piece I took the picture that I showed in a previous post and played with it in Photoshop®. In the first version I made it black and white and in the second version I kept just the outlines, and I printed both on Extravaganza®. I layered scraps of different red fabrics under the black and white version and stitched the cross with thick white silk thread. I then laid the outlined version on top and free-hand machine embroidered over the outlines with a red rayon thread. I like the ghostly look of it even if the red does show some vibrancy.

With the end of the year approaching I feel the need to finish up languishing projects, so in the next few weeks I'll has some more new pieces to show. But now I must go work on the family Christmas card...

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PaMdora said...

I'm so sorry that you've had such tragedy in your life. It can be shocking and life-altering to lose a friend, especially when it is unexpected and sudden. We lost a dear friend as a victim of violence several years ago, and it took me a long time to get over. Still can't absolutely though because it affected his wife and children and we still see them often. I truely believe that making art is one of the best ways to heal, so I really applaud your courage!!