November 30, 2007

time to show new work

I completed some new work right before the Thanksgiving weekend. Not the pagan piece though, I kind of got stuck with that one and these two wanted to get done instead.

I had a beautiful piece of turquoise chiffon that told me it wanted to get painted, so I did and now it's not so turquoise anymore, but still beautiful. In these two pieces I continued with my good old Russian Fairytale Window theme. I had not done a window in a while, actually started on a few some months ago and didn't get anywhere. Funny how inspiration works though, these two just demanded to be made and they fit so nicely in the windows theme. I just read an interesting post on inspiration on The Ragged-Cloth Cafe, and it just made me think even more about how inspiration works. How does it just strike out of the blue (heh..) and demand that art be made. Why is it that three months ago, no matter how I tried, I just could not get images I wanted to make to manifest themselves to me. Also made me think about premonitions... these are blue in color and feeling.. could I have been intuiting my friends death? That part gives me chills...
This is Не Смотри В Моё Окно/Ne Smotri V Moie Okno/Do Not Look In My Window. It is 62" x 33". And this is Смотри В Моё Окно/Smotri V Moie Okno/Look In My Window. It is 29" x 9 1/2". This one is made from an old commercially dyed silk scarf.


Unknown said...

Hi Natalya, I like these blue pieces, they look cool and mysterious:). Andrea

Elis Cooke said...

i find the top blue one very haunting! but in a good way... maybe its not so bad where we go?? I am soo enjoying your blog... so glad u found me so I could find you!!! bookmarking! namaste Elis.