February 02, 2008


When I worked in fashion, all those eons ago, one of my jobs was to create inspiration boards. After combing hundreds of fashion magazines, attending dozens of forecasting services presentations and doing hours of legwork out in various retail meccas, I would create inspiration boards that would represent the direction our company would be taking with the new line. These boards were a great resource through out the design period, we would constantly refer to them for not only inspiration but also to keep on track.

I still find these boards useful for me as an artist. Now though I only have one board and I haven't gone to any retail meccas or forecasting services. Now it is a collection of images that speak to me when I come across them. As I indulge in a fashion or art magazine these days, I rip out images that strike a cord. Sometimes it's a whole spread and sometimes it's just a tiny bit on the page. Whatever it is, I tack it onto my cork inspiration board in my studio, and every now and then when I am in the mood or when I am stuck I take a look at my board and inevitably something jumps out at me. That something either puts me back on the right track or gives me another idea.
My inspiration board is always a work in progress, usually I am adding to it, but sometimes I am even taking away from it. So I thought I would share with you the current state of my inspiration board...And also my other inspiration, my exploding bin of recyclables that I keep hoarding for future art adventures...PS Inspiration boards of a different nature (more like the ones I used to do in fashion) are proliferating on Andrea's blog. They are simply wonderful, do check them out...

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gunnelsvensson said...

I like your inspiration board!