December 02, 2009

fun in life..

Life Drawing class that is... I had a very inspiring and fun day there today. The model had a hard time staying still, so I just started drawing him with jiggly wiggly lines and had much fun doing so. Then my teacher Maija challenged me to draw with my left hand. I balked at first and then figured ~ what the hey! It turned out better than I thought it would. Then Maija said to just do outlines and not to go over my lines twice, all with the left hand. Then she challenged me to go abstract, and that was so much fun I made two! With my right hand...So.. all are not exceptionally great, but all were fun and made the start to my day all that much better!


Vivien Zepf said...

I LOVE this new stuff, especially the multi-line approach! And I'm soooo impressed with how well you did your left-handed drawing.

Marloes said...

Great work! Especially when you experiment more.

Ester Kiely said...

Lovely drawings. I'm intrigued by the different approaches and hope to give this a whirl myself. Just learning some drawing and painting skills at the moment and loving the process of discovery. Keep posting your class drawings I love to see them!