June 02, 2014

mystique of plastique

Regular readers of this blog probably already got the hint that my current art material obsession is plastic. Yup. Your basic plastic bag from the super market, grocery store or the shopping mall. The idea came to me after reading lots of bad news about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (aka Pacific Trash Vortex) and the general bad recycling of said plastic bags. So I figured that since I can't trust the recycling company to get the plastic bags to the right place, I'll use them in my art and that way I know exactly what happened to them and hopefully instead of polluting our planet they will be beautifying someones wall.

I have been very happy experimenting with this new material. I have certainly saved oodles of money not buying new fabric! But I have always loved transparency and translucency... and with plastics, well there is much to play with!

So I am delighted to tell everyone that I will be teaching a workshop on how to translate your favorite image or photograph into a small plastic art quilt. Please join me in New Jersey for the Create Retreat this July!

And now a few photos to entice you:
raw  material
works perfect for my architecture series
works great for flowers too
peony close up anyone?
berries ala plastic art quilt?
Hope you'll help with my recycling effort!


Vicki Miller said...

All I can say is you have more plastic bag colours than I do! And that is saying something. Beautiful pieces

Debi Baker said...

Love this. One of the best uses formplastic bags I've seen. For those of us who cannot make Create, do you nhave a DVD or other tutorial on workingn withn plastic bags
Thank you