June 03, 2014

window to your soul?

That's what they say about eyes, right? What about windows? Home windows, apartment windows, cottage windows? What are they? Well...all metaphors aside... I think that windows are an intriguing pathway to your art. I have used windows as a starting point to many an artwork. So many actually that I have quite a few scraps left over. And I have put those scraps to work! Who are they to just take up space in a basket???

I invite you to bring your scraps along for a playdate. Just a few hours on a relaxing evening... We'll sit around, play with our scraps, stitch them by hand or sewing machine, put them into a little frame and embellish the heck out of it. And you'll leave with a small little window art quilt in a pretty frame and the satisfaction of knowing that you reduced your scrap pile! And now you can add to it again.... ahem.

You say when and where?? I say at the Create Retreat in New Jersey in July! Come and play!

1 comment:

Vicki Miller said...

A little bit far for me in australia, but I'll be hanging out to see pictures on your blog after wards. Your pieces are glorious!