September 29, 2014

iron spine

A few weeks ago a reincarnation took place. Some of you might remember this piece. I created an artwork answering an opposites challenge and surprised myself by making it abstract. The work fit the challenge and was exhibited for a weekend at a quilt show. Then it came home and it wanted to become something else.
It's on it's way to becoming two something elses.... This is the first one, the second is still a work in progress.
Iron Spine © Natalya Aikens
I put a bird on it. Can you see it?
OK, OK..... I'll admit to my current love affair with fire escapes....
Really all it wanted was to be hand-stitched. With a fire escape and a bird in cotton embroidery floss.

And then it went and got itself into an exhibit. Come see it at Spun, October 17th to November 10th, with the opening reception on Friday, October 17th from 6 to 8PM.


Paula Kovarik said...

WOW! Spectacular.

Sue Reno said...

I love watching your process unfold.

Irene B. said...

I just think the stairs are so interesting.