January 19, 2008

work in progress

I am finally getting some art done around here. Christmas stuff is nearly all put away, kitchen mostly cleaned up, the girls have been playing together without any major skirmishes and I sneaked into my studio and actually got started on some things. I have been looking at the collages that have already been done by various artists for Collage Mania II at FiberArt For A Cause, and my hands started itching to work on my promised collages. And I want to get my hands on one of Virginia's ATCs too, I am selfish..

So after some floundering and eating chocolate, I picked out some inspiring images, threw some scraps on the table and started putting things together... These are pictures I took of ironwork on various monuments in Moscow this summer. This is only the beginning of course, these will change drastically by the time I am done here. I layered fabric scraps for a color base and today during naptime I intend to start the free-hand machine embroidery, followed by hand stitching.


Vivien Zepf said...

The pictures of the scrollwork are so interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how your collages turn out!

Unknown said...

Natalya, this looks very interesting already, those ornamental "ironwork" photos and the scraps, I looking forward to see what you'll create with that! Have a good weekend
PS thanks for your comment on my blog, so kind of you and I find it interesting that you were a "buyer" of art before and now doing art yourself! I'll be here to follow what you are up to!

sukipoet said...

Hi Natalya. I hope you don't mind--I copied your idea of using discarded paper towels in my collages. I gave you credit for the idea on my blog. Love the photos of ironwork. Thanks for showing something in process, which always fascinates me.

I too saw your comment on andrea's blog and found it fascinating too that you once were a "buyer." I dont really know what any of this means but I am fascinated by the process of trends and so forth. Be well, suki

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

Ah... but I was a misguided soul, an artist masquerading as a buyer. That was a miserable job for me in someways, because I so wished that I was the one making the art..
Suki, I can't really take credit for the paper towel idea, I am sure someone has done that before me, but thank you!