December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Another year has blown by... why is it that at the years end it seems as though it has only lasted a minute?

I was planning to write of my accomplishments of 2008, my hopes and dreams for 2009 and post pictures of my planned project.. but alas as I sit here in snowy Boston, I realize that I have forgotten my camera cable. Which means that I cannot show any pictures of my project that is in front of me or the blizzard blowing past my hotel window.

So picture if you will a thick red sketchbook, about 8" by 6" and 2" thick. In 2009 I intend to sketch every single day of the year. Some days it will just be a tiny doodle, others it might be a more involved drawing and still others there might even appear an interesting collage. The whole point will be for me to create a bit of art everyday. I might decide to draw something in front of me or doodle from my imagination, either case I will force myself to think creatively everyday if only for a minute. I feel the need for a break from the weekly journal practice that I have done for the last two years. Although I value all that I have learned through those journals, lately it has felt forced as I struggled to squeeze one out every week. So I will endeavor to work in my daily journal creatively, intuitively and freely as time allows each day... Now as for my accomplishments of 2008.. I feel that I must reflect on them some more before I post them here. So the picture above is the reflecting pool by the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of art. I am trying to make the association here, see reflecting pool - reflecting on 2008.. I'll get back to that another day.. heh.. So now my plans for 2009...

~To find more heart shaped potholes in the pavements around the world! Nah.. but I'll take pictures of them as my daughters find them. Actually one of my goa
ls to take more joy in watching my daughters grow and watching their creativity grow and to assist them in any possible way.

~Another goal is continue to create a body of work. Although I did pretty well on the number of artwork I accomplished in 2008, I feel the drive to do more, bigger and better.

~I would also like to work on getting my art out there to be seen. Locally. Yes locally. I don't think that too many people in my town, including some of my neighbors even know that I am an artist.

~Which brings me to another goal - to get comfortable w
ith and get good at telling the world that I am an artist. No more of those conversations where I mumble something about being a stay-at-home mom who does some art on the side. No more mumbling about my art!

So here they are my goals... what are yours? And before the day is out I may even come up with my word for 2009, do you have one?
Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year!


Vivien Zepf said...

Great goals, Natalya. Will you post pictures of some of your doodles? I hope so. I can't wait to see the art you create in the new year. And I think it's a good idea to promote yourself -- and your art -- locally. Good luck! Happy New Year! Safe travels back to New York.

sukipoet said...

Wonderful goals and dreams for 2009. That red notebook sounds great. Glad to hear you will reveal yourself locally as the fine artist you are. Perhaps some surprising things will happen as a result. Blessings, Suki

Lynn Cohen said...

I have been encouraged by Suki Poet to come see your wonderful art quilts. This is my area of inspiration and work as well.
Yours are wonderful and indeed inspiring for me to see. I'll follow along now to see what the new year brings you and you it.
If I may I'll encourage you to join your local art gallery. I've done this and it's exciting and fun to see my work in actual art shows! It makes me realize that yes, I am an artist too! ;-) (she says humbly)...Nice to meet you Natayla!