December 30, 2011

new art!

Before the year is over, I thought I would share some new art that I created this autumn. I thought I had finished these two pieces back in October, but they hung on my design wall, then on my bedroom wall, back in my studio... and something kept gnawing at me. Then a conversation with a fellow artist, and boom! I knew what to do. So the other night I added more background stitching and now these two are complete and ready to be shared with the world!

City Love Affair 1

City Love Affair 2
Both are interpretations of photographs I have taken of one of my favorite cities, St. Petersburg, Russia. The materials are vintage linens, vintage lace, paper, cotton embroidery floss, cotton thread and silk thread. Techniques are computer manipulation, free-hand machine embroidery, hand embroidery. The sky is poetry by Alexander Pushkin, celebrating his beloved city.
I have a few more pieces started in this series, but those will wait for the new year before they are close to finished.


Sue Reno said...

These are wonderful! I love all the texture and the detail.

Cate Rose said...

Love there Natalya! Happy New Year!

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

Absolutely stunning!

Loralei said...

Beautiful work- the texture is sooo inviting!!