June 29, 2012

hand stitching anyone?

I love hand stitching. It's the perfect way to add life and texture to an art quilt. It is a relaxing way to spend an evening. And when you add scraps from your stash to the equation, you are creating small new jewels of art.
That is exactly what we'll be doing in my Hand Stitched Jewels workshop at Create Retreat in Somerset New Jersey on July 19th, from 6 to 9PM.
Bring your needles, threads and scraps and settle in for an enjoyable evening!


Bee said...

I love hand stitching! It is very relaxing. I wish I could be there for your workshop. Your work is lovely.

Jeannie said...

All of your classes are so tempting. If only New Jersey wasn't 3000 miles away! Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

Unknown said...

I want to be with other hand-stitchers, even if it's online. Hand-stichers of the world unite!