June 28, 2012

snapshot to a scarf?

Yes! Another brand new workshop I'll be teaching at Create Retreat in New Jersey is titled Snapshot to Scarf in a Few Hours! 
My camera is a constant companion on all my travels, whether around home or on vacation. Frequently my snapshots find their way into my art. Especially the architectural ones of course. Sometimes though I'll really love a snapshot, but not for the possibility of it in my art. Sometimes I just wish I could wear it! Now I have figured out how. A scarf is the most versatile accessory there is and when you can transform it with your own photo it just makes it more special.
The neat part about this workshop is that you'll learn or expand on your Photoshop skills as you are creating an essential item for your wardrobe. What could be better than that?

Bring some light weight fabric, such as chiffon, organza, batiste in silk or cotton. It can be hand dyed or painted or white. Make sure it measures no more than 13" wide and 45" long as those are the limitations of the printer we'll be using. Can't wait to see all the fancy scarves!

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