January 28, 2015

The Tale of Tzar Saltan,

...of His Son the Renowned and Mighty Bogatyr Prince Gvidon Saltanovich, and of the Beautiful Princess-Swan.

How's that for a mouthful? That's the full title of Alexander Pushkin's poem that our Russian school put on for our Christmas play this year. Yes Christmas. Russian Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on January 7th, and with all the holiday festivities and the coordination of other Russian schools plays, we got the last possible time slot... But that's ok! Gave us all more time to procrastinate (ahem) and put on a great show!

I am once again honored to work with such dedicated parents, super creative individuals, and professionals who all volunteer their precious time and donate resources, so that our children can learn about their heritage in such a hands on way!

Here are a few pictures...yes only 15... Too many for a blog post? Perhaps. I couldn't take any as I was backstage, so these are all taken by the artist who painted many of the backdrops and stage props. She shared 445 pictures with me (which means she edited out at least 100!) I managed to get down to 15 to share with you, my readers... edited down to show the costumes as best as possible.. enjoy!!!
three sisters singing by the window
The Tsar chose his Tsaritza
the wedding dancing entertainment
more wedding dancers
evil sister plotting
mother in law plotting
the three comic relief characters plotting
the people reading the order
the best shot we could get of the very fast moving bee!
black hawk fighting with the white swan
swan wings in action
swan princess revealed to the prince
the magical squirrel
the bogatyr of the sea and his army
people taking a bow after all is well again...

Phew... and now I'm off to clean my studio....


Karen L R said...

I look forward to this post every year! You have outdone yourselves on this one, Natalya. Such amazing colors, forms and fabrics. (I recognize a bunch of those headpieces from your "in progress" pictures on Instagram).

It's truly a gift of time and talent that all of you busy parents give to your very fortunate children. Such a rich heritage is worth celebrating!


Vivien Zepf said...

Yes to all that Karen said! What a wonderful production. Thanks for sharing ALL the pictures with us!

rossichka said...

I waited eagerly to see the photos and read about the so-long-expected performance! It was a success again and I doubt whether someone expected another result! I am so glad for the kids. They look concentrated in their roles and happy - devoted young actors and dancers!
Your costumes are marvellous, Natalya! You did a great job! I like everything - the scenery, the colours, the hats and oh, the white swan's wings!
You deserve a rest now!:)

Jeannie said...

As previous commentors have stated, this post is looked forward to in this household. Simply amazing and the scenery is fabulous, too. Gorgeous, fun, and creative all rolled up into one play. Well done! (I hope you realize I love your artwork just as much. The costumes are so unusual and different from most blog post, an annual treat.)

Sandy said...

Absolutely Brilliant! Wow, the swan wings - Amazing.
If it were possible I would make sure to go to America just to see the play! Actually, I would go there just to help you make the costumes!
Sandy in the UK
PS the scenery is wonderful! What a clever idea to do it as a book and turn the pages. So much easier than shifting walls and so on.

Jackie PN said...

How wonderful!! What a production this must have been- I love the photo of the swan twirling-- everything about this is fantastic- wish I could have seen it in person")

mandysea said...

oh my my my!!! I came here to see the 'rest' of your art from Creative Jumpstart... AND to find such a wonderful performance - oooh the costumes and sets!! They are fantastic - applause to the dressmaker and set designer!! What a wonderful achievement for the children and all involved adults alike! I'm a ballet teacher who teaches national character dancing also - so am trilled to see this! Bravo!

woodpecker said...

Such a visually rich and magnificent project.Bravo! All planners and participants. You will remember it for many years to come. Hope you put an album of photos together to share with others.

Terry Grant said...

What a delicious treat these photos were! So very, very beautiful. I am astounded.