January 03, 2011

a review

edited - The diptychs measure 10" x 16" (8"+8") and I added links to each month, so that you can read about how I did it.

...of the 2010 diptychs that I created monthly and based on the sketches made daily in 2009.
January (how I did it here)February (how I did it here)March (how I did it here)April ( how I did it )May ( how I did it )June ( how I did it )July ( how I did it )August ( how I did it )September ( how I did it )October ( how I did it )November ( how I did it here and here)December ( how I did it )

I stitched by hand and machine, glued, cut, painted, felted, tore, recycled.
I used silk, cotton, synthetic, wool, lace, plastic, paper.
I used acrylic paint, Tsukineko inks, printer ink, Pebeo paint, Pigma pens.
I used fabrics, food netting, packaging material, buttons, paper, shopping bags.
I had fun and experimented.

Tune in to find out what journaling plans I have for 2011!


Vivien Zepf said...

These are GREAT! Thanks for showing them all to us. They have such breadth. Yep, Fantastic!

Jamie Fingal said...

these are all wonderful in their own unique way. You have such a sense of color and play. Fabulous and inspirational!

Lynn Cohen said...

What a fun challenge you gave your self. I should try this. You just did what ever the spirit moved you to do. What size are these? I have now gone back to your earlier posts to see more of how you made these. And looked up diptychs as that was foreign to me as well. I learn so much from you. And you never cease to inspire! Thanks! All so beautiful!

Kristin L said...

Fun, fun, fun! I can't wait to find out what you've got in store next. :-)

Anonymous said...

Natalya, this is simply BRILLIANT! Have no idea how you suddenly turned up in my mailbox via Facebook (which I am loathe to do very often) but I must admit you are using it to advantage to distribute your gorgeous work for everyone to admire and learn about. Great job and I will return later to explore it more closely. Thanks very much, Debbie Bein